Mallorcan Love in Deia Mallorca, Claudia & Juan,

Mallorca itself has a beauty that is almost indescribable. It is an island but, in many ways, you forget that you are on an island as you walk through the streets of Palma or find yourself in Deia amongst the olive groves surrounded by green mountains and hillsides. I spent 4 days in Mallorca during my one-on-one mentorship with Maria Hibbs and left in total awe of what I saw, what I learned, and what I photographed. During my time, Maria gave me the opportunity to photograph Claudia & Juan amongst the olive trees in Deia, right near the famous historical finca Son Marroig. Claudia is such a natural beauty and has an understated confidence about her that just exuded from the images during our session. Juan is the perfect match as a laid-back, suave and equally confident partner. They fit in perfectly amongst the greyish-green leaves and the golden sun.